Intern for Long/Short Hedge Fund

Farris Fund Management, a long-short global multi-asset class hedge fund headquartered in Manhattan, has analyst internships available to select individuals who wish to learn the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in the hedge fund industry.

The internship program can be helpful for people who want experience with financial modeling outside the classroom. It can be helpful for people who want to enter investment banking, the hedge fund industry, or equity research, and who desire experience with advanced investment analysis to discuss in future interviews. If you meet your supervisor’s expectations, the supervisor will provide you with a recommendation letter or a verbal recommendation on request to your future job interests, making himself available generally as a professional reference.

The Analyst Intern Instruction Program will teach advanced financial modeling and investment analysis skills – applied in the real world with concrete examples. You will receive financial models, research reports, and other documents created by the hedge fund and premier investment banks. In the first part of the program, your supervisor will assign readings from essential investment books and be available for Q&A and feedback regarding your handle of the material. In the second part, your supervisor will introduce you to advanced financial modeling as done professionally on Wall Street. You will then work through a model on your own and approach your supervisor periodically for Q&A and feedback. In the third part of the program, you will search the market for a compelling, value oriented investment opportunity, and write an in-depth paper on it supported by work in a financial model.

The program exists primarily to enlighten select individuals about advanced forms of financial and investment thinking and analysis. We do not expect that the interns will contribute things of material value to the hedge fund, primarily due to the deep level of knowledge needed for an analyst to produce something of material value to our style of hedge fund. The program aims to enable you to obtain a position at a top tier investment bank or similar firm, where you can grow your skill set further and become interesting as a candidate for a permanent position at a hedge fund.

The internship will be a tuitioned learning program lasting ten weeks. Our internships start at various times throughout the year, not only during the summer. You will not be getting anyone coffee. Rather, you will be learning concepts and skills foundational for a career in the hedge fund industry. Our goal is to fashion a program that will provide interns with intellectual resources of lasting benefit.

We look forward to getting to know you.


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